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Clients and Customers

A lot of my content and videos you see online are to help the average customer find answer to all of their insurance questions in an easy to understand fashion. You don't need to be an expert to learn from me. Save time and money with your car, home and other types of insurance. 

Ultimate Guide to Renewing Your Insurance

New to insurance? Let me teach you what you need to get started in this exciting insurance industry! With over 10 years of experience selling multiple-millions in personal premium I am currently years as a multi-line, multi-state training manager.

Advanced Agent Training

Do you need advice and tactics that will help you get that edge on the competition? I want to help YOU! Learn the power of value based sales, tactics and strategies that will help you sharpen your ax in this highly competitive industry. 

I want to help YOU be ethical and build value with each client, Learn how to quickly determine level of interested and overall increase your retention as you build your book of business.